Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Time to keep it a BUCK...... im sorry no matta how much you try YOU CANT TURN A HOE INTO A HOUSE WIFE!! point blank theres no if and or buts about it...i hate wen guys try doin dat if u got wit shorty just cuz u wanna fuck dont try wifeing her. u an everyone on ur block no wat type of chick she is an DONT wife her if she did ur homie ..shes not wifey shes just a side line hoe...Girls now adays all think they wife type but ur NOT theres only two type of chicks in the world there's WIFEY den there da Side Line Hoe what eva u do dont get them mixed up cuz if u mix a hoe wit a wife u gonna be all fucked up u might end up making her ur baby momma den dat might not even be ur baby lmfao.. if ur girl is on facebook half naked showing everyone her goodies she aint wifey,shes a hoe not only dose she not have respect for u but most of all she dont got respect for herself an dats sad....when ur wit a girl dat had more then 5 boyfriend in less den 3 months an says she loves dem she aint wifey shes trying to be shes just not there lol.. im sorry im sick of seeing hoes talk bout they wifey shit they giving da girls dat r really wifey type a bad name cuz den a niggas gonna mix a wifey wit a hoe an hes gonna think he can do wat he does wit a hoe wit a wifey  an im sorry it aint going down like dat!!! so on dat note i just had to KEEP IT A BUCK :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Basketball Wives

Where can i get started on these 7 crazy bitches....time to keep it a buck.. I love this show i love watchin drama and thats wats this show is all bout...ima start off with da "Head Bitch"Shaunie O’Neal - now shaunie started this show an she new wat she was doin wen she got all dese bitches together lol i like shaunie shes a good mother she trys stayin outta da drama shes not really in dis season of da show an i think dats a good thing she got like 30 kids so yea she need to keep her ass home lol... now ima talk bout da "badest bitch" on this show Evelyn Lozada - i love me some Evelyn she is one bytch dat "keeps it a buck" lol an she dont care if u like it or not. an shes bad like u wouldnt even think she got an 18 year old child. i love the fact she says how she feels she reminds me of myself lol an Chad Ochocinco new wat he was doing when he got wit her shes a good look an i think they fit eachother lol i wanna see wat they kids r gonna look like just hope they look like her lmfao im just keeping it a buck now Evenlyn was wrong for wat she did to Tami for not telling her from da jump but i mean how u tell someone u fucked their EX??? idk but i understand y Tami is mad..i think they can get ova this their grown just need to start acting like it...now let me jump down to dis lil chihuahua Royce Reed - she is the most annoying lil bitch ever like shes da only person i see dat dont like Evelyn but is always talkin bout her like how u say u dont care bout her but always bringing her up like i dont even know WHY is she in this show she was never engaged never married her name title is "Baby Mama" now this show isnt called "Basketball Baby Mamas" she always runs to Tami cuz she knows Tamis always gonna say something.. i dont understand how shes mad at Suzi like poor Suzis always in something Royce is just mad cuz noone likes her cuz wen Evelyn didnt like Suzi Royce was still friends wit her so how can u get mad cuz da tables r turned?? like get it together bitch how u call Evelyn a hoe but u dont da same shit shes just smarted wit hers an ur not lmfao....now i fav MsTami Roman - i new i would love Tamis crazy ass from da jump shes loud crazy an got da "i dont give a fuck" mind an i love it. i love her new look cuz wen she 1st got on da show she was lookin a hot ghetto mess but she got it together fast.i  think the fact that her and Evelyn are so much alike its hard for them to be friends i think they can be good friends Tami just needs to get ova da past i understand wheres shes coming from an y shes mad but da past is da past an shes in a better place i just think she shouldnt fight for Royce cuz dat lil chihuahua aint gonna do da same lol.... now Jennifer Williams - lord help her im happy she dumped dat ugly ass ex of hers cuz he wasnt a good look an i was feelin bad for her she was all alone in da house an shit lol but she is like Evelyns lil puppie but hey it be like dat as for her nasty lil pics i dont no if she put them out cuz like if u married who u taking nacked pics for??? not likeur man aint see it b4 an im sour he aint gonna put it out mmmmm who was she sending them to cuz if she put them out there just to make a name for herself it didnt work cuz shes still a nobody lmfao u still just dat tall black girl from Basketball Wives lmfao i hope even goes good for her an thank god for gettin ova that UGLY thing she use to call her hubby... now poor ol Suzie Ketcham - i feel so bad for dis girl shes dam if she do she dam if she dont  i no she runs her mouth alot but dam shes getting better wit dat now she learned her leason i like the fact she dont shut up wen it comes to dat lil pet dog Royce an thats good cuz dat lil bitch thinks she tuff...an last ms i try to hard Meeka Claxton - her mouth was running too fast too soon u new boo boo y u wanna be in drama so soon in da game like idk maybe she wanna look like she tuff or shes "real" but shes not shes mad fake like mama how u talked mad shit bout Royce but den go out an hang wit her like where they do that at? u dont even know these girls an u jumpin out the window to soon ma just be urself stop tryin to fit in so bad... so i just had to keep it a buck 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim

Ok lets talk about wat everyone wants to hear bout Ms Nicki Minaj an Ms Lil Kim....Now where do i get started... Lets keep it a Buck...Im so sick of lil Kim talkin bull shit bout Nicki how many fuckin times can someone say they love you b4 u get it in ur fuckin head lil kim needs to get over herself 4real...i dont kno how many videos i seen of Nicki sayin u da "Queen" an she looks up to u like what the fuck else u want her to say like we all get it u was the "Queen" but hunny dat was back den now its time to pass down ur crown or just get it taking from you.... ima keep it a buck i love Nicki an i use to love lil Kim until she started actin like a child an not a Mentor...if you would have been a part of Nickis growth u would have kepted the lil respect i had for u... Nicki an Kim would have took over the rap game for chicks an could have show the guys girls can do wat ya do an can do it betta but NOOOOOO girls gotta be girls an always gotta be catty to eachother always gotta be hating.... i just hope one day Nicki & Kim get it together an team up on these guys....i just had to keep it a Buck

Friday, June 10, 2011

Time to keep it a buck

 Lets keep it a BUCK...... Im so sick of young kids having babies an thinking they grown!!!! like just becuz you had a baby dont make you grown if u was sooo grown y u still live wit ur mom? y u always ask ur mom for help half these girls are not even 18 but say they grown.. News flash baby girl your NOT grown. A grown women has a job, pays her own bills, lives on her own...Now im not saying dont have sex i mean if its going to happen its going to happen just be smart about it.. PUT a CAP on it SAFE sex is GREAT sex... i just had 2 keep it a BUCK